Birth doula

  • Tends to reduce length of labor with fewer complications
  • Reduces the need for inductions (pitocin), vacuum or foreceps delivery, and cesearean section
  • Reduces the mothers request for epidural or pain medications
  • Reduces negative feelings about the childbirth experience
  • Feel more secured and cared for
  • Are more successful in adapting to new family dynamics
  • Have greater success with breastfeeding
  • Have greater self confidence
  • Have less incidences of postpartum depression



The support I bring to families includes my Doula training, extensive reading and many continuing education workshops. Have I mentioned I am Rebozo certified? I am also VBAC educated with Jen Kamel, founder of VBAC Facts. I have experience working with mothers choosing an out of hospital birth setting, and I love midwives! I have assisted mothers through high risk pregnancies as well.
My approach to birth is based on the belief that, well, You Can Do It! With the right knowledge and guidance, anything is possible- and from this idea comes the way I work with and for families. I have supported families from different backgrounds, in different birth environments, and with different birth preferences. You make the choices, and my job is to support YOU!

Support During Pregnancy:

My services as your birth doula includes multiple prenatal visits , as time allows. These visits give us the opportunity to really get to know one another, and are the perfect time for me to learn about what you hope to achieve within your pregnancy, labor, and birth. Through these visits  we discuss how I can best support you and your partner (or whomever else may be attending your birth).

After I am hired, I become available to you to answer questions, give referrals, quell concerns… Whatever you need!

I also provide one post natal visit. This visit is  optional, but it gives us the opportunity to revisit and process your labor together. I may also provide referrals for any extra assistance you need- breast feeding, post natal care, etc. PLUS, I get to admire your sweet newborn!

Support During Labor and Birth:

This is my specialty! I want you to feel nurtured, cared for, and most importantly, Supported!  All the breathing practice, positioning, education, as well as massage and aromatherapy come in to play now. I employ different comfort techniques and do my best to see that my recommendations keep labor progressing and that mama is as comfortable as possible. I also advocate for you in the sense that I make sure you have the information needed to make the right choices for you and your baby. This is very important to me.
Regardless of the birth journey you have planned, I want to ensure that you are an empowered woman with a birth story that satisfies!

Doula Services Pricing: $900

So you already have an ideal birth team in place? Maybe you are looking for a head start, a step in the right direction.  I offer in home consultations! Together we will spend about 2 hours going over how to create the perfect birth plan for you, usual hospital policies and how they affect you/ your birth plan,  as well as suggestions for you and your partner to keep labor and birth going as smoothly as possible. I leave you with information, referrals and printouts. Contact me for more information!